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Our children may not live as long as our generation because of what WE are teaching them.  In the next 20 years cancer deaths are expected to triple – in the next 15 years diabetes is expected to double.

These statistics are alarming because many Americans are in such a trance of day-to-day life full of easy conveniences that we don’t  put much effort into living better. We often choose lives where we constantly feel tired and sick. 

Too often we follow the same daily routine – we put our clothes on the same way, we brush our hair the same way, we make the same food choices, the same entertainment choices over and over again. We are not aware of the little changes, the little choices we can make that will help us feel better and in some cases, eliminate what ails us.

We have to wake up!  World Wellness Education helps you do this by taking a good, hard look at what we are doing. It teaches you ways to take care of yourself so that you can get up each morning feeling healthy and happy and ready to take on the day, free of problems like stress, lack of exercise and poor eating habits.

As a non-profit service organization we have several outreach programs that we are implementing.  Our goal is to make a huge impact– improving the quality of life in our local communities.This is a grass roots effort and it is really only made possible through donations and volunteer efforts. No donation is too small, no amount of time given is considered too little. We need and appreciate ALL of your help.

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