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To reduce childhood obesity through fun and entertaining education about the importance of nutrition and healthy eating habits. Teaching our children at a young age to develop healthy eating habits will increase their awareness about the importance of making good choices for their snacks and meals.

Each child will receive resources and tools to assist them in making better choices that will also impact the entire family.

Our Kid’s Outreach Program is currently teaming up with Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and First Lady, Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Campaign. Not only are we trying to make a difference in our schools but through other organizations as well.

Our Community Outreach Program helps educate, inspire and encourage people to live their lives a little bit healthier, one step at a time.

We do this though our local clubs, health events and expos, television and radio programs, e-zines, blogs and conference calls.

Our Work Place Outreach program is helping provide much needed wellness programs to small businesses. So that small business owners can show how much they care about their employees without it affecting their bottom line.

This encourages people to live healthier, happier lifestyle, free from problems caused by stress and lack of exercise or poor nutrition.

Our Speaker’s Bureau provides different types of speakers to talk to schools, workplaces, church's, conventions, etc on the value of one’s health and well-being.

You can make a contribution to speading the word regarding health and wellness.  Join our Speaker's Bureau and help us positively affect peoples lives.....

     one story at a time.