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Kid's Outreach

To reduce childhood obesity through fun and entertaining education about the importance of nutrition and healthy eating habits. Teaching our children at a young age to develop healthy eating habits will increase their awareness about the importance of making good choices for their snacks and meals.

Each child will receive resources and tools to assist them in making better choices that will also impact the entire family.

Our Kid’s Outreach Program is currently teaming up with Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and First Lady, Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Campaign. Not only are we trying to make a difference in our schools but through other organizations as well.


Provide 40 minute assemblies to  fourth graders at public and private schools.  Also provide demonstrations to Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Boys and Gilrs Clubs, after school programs, youth camps, etc.

These are fun, interactive teaching programs that will benefit the students and teachers greatly. School administrators are also provided with assistance to participate in the federal Healthier US Schools Challenge.

Programs consist of the following:

1. Annie the Apple (Mascot) welcoming the Kids

2. Nutrition Detectives by Dr. David Katz Nutrition Detectives is a nutrition education program for elementary school children that is “Teaching Kids to Make Healthy Choices.” They learn how to read food labels, detect marketing deceptions while simultaneously learning to identify and choose healthy foods. The program has been taught in schools throughout the country and data is currently being collected in Independence, Missouri.

3. Annie the Apple reviewing Nutrition Detectives along with some nutrition label discussion

• Discuss 5 clues for Nutrition Detectives
• Family Assignment-use the 5 clues in your kitchen
• Food Label Quiz

4a.  Basketball Skit (for groups of 20 or more)

Red light vs. green light foods play a quick game of basketball while Annie the Apple reviews portions of the Nutrition Detectives DVD. Annie the Apple will stress that in order to be able to perform your very best in school and at sports that you need to make sure you are providing the proper fuel for your body.

4b. Smoothies - Creating healthy smoothies for a snack (for groups of less than 20)

Discuss a healthy snack or breakfast alternative. During preparation discuss red light and green light foods.

5.  Red Light/Green Light Food Tables

• Display tables that have red light and green light foods on them

6. Information and Treats - To take home

• Fresh Apple
• Nutrition Detective DVD to share with family
• Coupon for a healthy snack from Kellogg’s
• Word games to test what they learned
• Magnifying Glasses

7. Enrollment in Healthier US Schools Challenge

This program is a part of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Campaign. World Wellness Education will work with administrators to help enroll their school in this challenge. We will also assist them with the implementation and monitoring of the program as needed.


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