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Our Community Outreach Program helps educate, inspire and encourage people to live their lives a little bit healthier, one step at a time.

We do this though our local clubs, health events and expos, television and radio programs, e-zines, blogs and conference calls.

Our Kid’s Outreach Program is currently teaming up with Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and First Lady, Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Campaign.

Our goal is to reduce childhood obesity through fun and entertaining education about the importance of nutrition and healthy eating habits.
Our Work Place Outreach program is helping provide  needed wellness programs to small businesses.

Small business owners can show they care about their employees without it affecting their bottom line.

This encourages people to live healthier, happier lifestyles free from problems caused by stress and lack of exercise or poor nutrition.
Our Speaker’s Bureau provides different types of speakers to talk to schools, workplaces, church's, conventions, etc on the value of one’s health and well-being.

You can make a contribution to speading the word regarding health and wellness.  Join our Speaker's Bureau and help us positively affect peoples lives.....

     one story at a time.

Here we share the real-life stories about people who have made positive, healthy changes in their lives or recovered from serious illness.  We believe these stories will inspire others to make better choices and live the kind of healthy lifestyle they want for themselves and their families.

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Our Members Blog provides lots of useful information from well known authors and speakers along with people just like us. 

Our large library of articles, along with many audio and video programs, provide our members with the kind of information they need to make better choices in terms of lifestyle and diet.

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Jean Sumner, President of World Wellness Education, helps you transform your life by leading a healtier lifestyle and by helping you make  simple & easy changes.

52 Tips to Be Healthy provides weekly tips on making healthier choices in your lifestyle.

Journey to Raw shows you how to make small weekly changes to add more raw/live food into your diet.
World Wellness Education is a grass-roots effort to encourage and inspire people to live a healthier life today than they did yesterday.

We know through our own experiences that this happens one step at a time, often one challenge at a time.

Our non-profit organization is dedicated to helping provide you different real life stories from ordinary people on their journey from sickness to health.

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    One Story At A Time
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There are toxins in the air, water and the earth. Our skin care products, food and household products are filled with toxins.

The amount of toxins we are exposed to each day is overwhelming. These toxins are causing many diseases especially cancers. The growth rate of cancer is now off the charts. If you are female you have a 33 % chance of having cancer and if you are male you have a 50% chance of developing cancer.

We need to be knowledgeable about avoiding these toxins whenever possible. This means a lot of change in our lives
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